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Magnetic UFO levitation Lamp
Magnetic UFO levitation Lamp
Magnetic UFO levitation Lamp
Magnetic UFO levitation Lamp
Magnetic UFO levitation Lamp

Magnetic UFO levitation Lamp

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Are you a music lover? If you are, you must love Space X Speaker Lamp. This is not only a speaker, more interestingly, a musical table lamp with a floating effect. Hurry up to grab the advanced BlueTooth speaker and enjoy the best music experience.


  • ADVANCED SOUND SYSTEM: Magnetic attraction puts the speaker in suspension state as a whole, avoiding the sound from contracting with interfaces and producing different levels of resonance noise. Master-level professional sound debugging ensures the accuracy of sound. So, you can hear as it is composed. The Bluetooth speaker has a higher UFO suspension for 24 hours with 18mm clearance height that will make your music more clear to you.

  • FLOATING EFFECT: The BlueTooth speaker has innovative magnetic technology, and the UFO Lite presents an awesome floating effect. It’s stylish with it’s a bright outlook that enhances the beauty of the place. It will make your environment more catching. Super bright, low consumption LED lighting with smooth, color transitions for a nice, special vibe.

  • WIRELESS CHARGING WITH GLAMOUR TECHNOLOGY: Get rid of wired constraints completely that make sure of no hazard. You can carry anywhere at traveling. It is powered by a 200MA 3.7V wireless charging base for unlimited playback. The UFO speaker has a battery life of 8 hours when used on-the-go.

  • NO VOICE LOSS: This Bluetooth speaker’s advanced technology ensures no resonance, no voice loss. Thus this speaker gives you the best sound quality. With a 40mm and 5W speaker, it emits an astonishingly loud and crystal clear sound.

  • EASY TO CONNECT: Navigate simply to the BlueTooth settings of your device and connect in an instant. It won’t waste your time to install or connect. The UFO Lite is powered on instantly with just the press of a button.

  • DESK LAMP: Get more than music with the perfect fusion of music and light. You can use it as a lamp and speaker both.

  • STRONG COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with mainstream digital brands such as iOS and Android.

Customer Reviews

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Very good, good quality, well packed


Everything came up, but there is no adapter for a european outlet, since here is an american plug


Magnetic UFO levitation Lamp


It’s exactly like the picture! It works as advertised. I’m super happy with the purchase


Item was shipped just wrapped in black plastic. Package was extremely damaged. This was a test purchase to see if I wanted to offer product to customers. Not going to happen unless I find a vendor who will properly package product for long distance shipping. Second issue - Item shipped to address in USA, but only comes with European plug. No adapter for use in the USA!